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A Great Big Idea may have potential, but it's nothing without the proper tools, and the talent to use them. This is what we do.

Marketing Strategy

Let us look at who you are, who you were, and who you want to be. We will talk with your customers, employees, friends and foes. We will identify the passion that got you started, and use it to plan the path to new growth, new products and new opportunity.

In our experience, you can move a lot faster, when you know exactly where you're going.

Creative Design

You don't get the chance to meet every potential customer face to face, so it's critical that you communicate your message through creative digital and printed design. Business cards, stories, newsletters, truckwraps or videos, they all should reflect your passion. It's all part of finding your voice, and building your brand.

Our talented team of writers and designers are excellent story tellers. Let us tell yours.

Photography and Videography

There's no better way to tell your story than with a beautiful photo or video. All of our photography, videography and editing are done in house. We write, stage, light, shoot, edit and publish. Product shoots, Interviews, Promotional Videos and even full episodic web series can go a long way to grab the attention of your fans and potential customers.

We make professional photography and videos affordable for everyone.


Here are a few of our favorite projects.

Ohio Power Tool

Strategy • Print • Social • Video

Coughlin Chevrolet | GMC

Digital • Print • Web

The JAE Company

Strategy • Branding • Social

The Ohio State University

Digital • Video

The Marsh Home Group

Branding • Strategy • Video

Magnetic Springs

Print • Digital • Web


Small, Inspired Team. | GREAT BIG IDEAS.

When a business needs a website, they naturally seek out website developers. These developers have likely mastered their tools and make beautiful and functional websites, and it's not hard to find a decent website developer anymore.

The same goes for Designers, Writers, and other marketing professionals.

However, the problem comes when a company gets big enough that the website becomes a critical part of a much larger business development strategy. Suddenly you need Website Developers, Designers, Programmers, Writers, Marketers and more than a few Creative Minds. You need all of these parts to develop business.

This is where Quinton Chandler Advertising stands out. We're not web developers. We're Business Developers. And that's the reason every one of our projects starts with a Strategy. That Strategy will determine who your customers are, what they want and the best way to get it to them. You can't build a website, design a billboard or produce a commercial without your strategy in place first.

For nearly 20 years now we've helped our clients do just that, in Columbus, across the country and even overseas. Just wait and see what we can do with your brand, your customers and your business. Call us today at 614.519.7190.

Our Amazing Team

These are a few of our people with the plan.

Scott Shelton

Production Director

Robert Q Smith

Founder / Creative Director

Sarah Lee

Creative Coordinator

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